i can’t wait for someone in this fandom to get drunk and wind up with an alien tattoo on their face




oh god what did i do





i’m an english major because my school doesn’t offer a major in disappointing your parents



hi moho’s! i want to know more about mount holyoke! i have a few questions.. here they are..:

does moho have an open curriculum, or what are the class requirements?

is it possible/easy to get work that will be paying work? like not just go towards tuition.

is the food yummy? can you go to multiple dining halls during one meal time?

how likely is it that youll get a single room?

what are some awesome traditions?

what are things not allowed in dorms? like christmas lights.

are the dorms super compewitive with each other?

is the semester at sea an approved semester option?

THANKS! i really appreciate all your help :)

i just transferred here as a sophomore and this has been my experience so far…

1. no, there are distribution requirements

2. i’m not sure. i know people who have jobs around town as well as on campus, but personally i don’t.

3. the food is fantastic. tons of options at the dining halls in the dorms (you can check out the menus here. you get one swipe per meal, you can only use it at one dining location (so if you go to, for example, wilder for dinner, you can’t swipe in to abbey-buckland later to meet your friends)

4. as a first year and sophomore, i don’t think it’s possible to get a single unless you have an accommodation through accessability services.

5. one i’ve experienced so far is elfing - sophomores leave little treats for firsties. make ‘em feel at home :)

6. you can’t have pets :( but i hope christmas lights are allowed, because i have them! there’s a list of what to/to not bring here

7. i’m not sure what you mean by competitive. some dorms are more coveted than others, but once you’re in it’s not like “haha look at those losers in dickinson, since i live in torrey i hate them”

8. i’m not sure. there are many study abroad options, that might be one of them!


Fan Accounts


I’m honestly so tired of hearing of how these fan accounts for lights and/or beau are “creepy” or “weird”. Wtf. How? All we do is share what they share. We don’t go around snooping for information, we don’t say or post things that they haven’t already shared with us. I don’t see how it’s creepy to repost something that they’ve already posted themselves, especially when it’s done out of APPRECIATION. And besides, look a band fandoms. God knows how many fan accounts exist out there and they do EXACTLY THE SAME THING, yet they don’t get hate for it. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with running a fan account.

the problem isn’t their inherent existence, it’s the manner in which people use them. if you’re constantly trying to get the celebrity/people around them/etc in question to follow you, roleplaying as the celebrity/people around them/etc, stuff like that, then that crosses the boundary, in my opinion. celebrities are people too, they don’t owe you their attention, they have shit going on in their own lives.


when did this

become more beautiful

than this?





Can we please talk about how Waverly Academy is the least wheelchair accessible school I have ever seen in my life? Like daamn that would not be legal. Get yourself up to code.

well technically that was only one dorm on the entire campus. many of the other dorms/buildings could have been wheelchair accessible

So anyone who lives in that dorm who has a friend or family member with a disability is just unable invite them over to their room ever? Or what if a resident of that building was in an accident and had to be in a wheelchair… would they just have to move?

(reblogging on my side blog for reasons)

this is actually a big problem with older schools. keep in mind the ADA act is really, really new - it was enacted in 1990. making a building that is hundreds of years old accessible takes a lot of money, especially if you’re updating a lot of other buildings too. who knows? it might be slated for renovation and we don’t see it. the buildings at my school are still being updated to be up to code. unfortunately, it takes time and money, things schools sometimes have trouble budgeting for. doesn’t make it okay, by any means. on top of that, i’m sure HER didn’t even think to put accessibility in, which is a huge oversight.

but yeah, in schools where buildings arent accessible, people have to be moved around to be accommodated in the mean time. it suuuucks.