This may seem like a stupid question


but does anyone know when the regular Little Machines bundle (the vinyl box set) is being released? Right now it’s available for preorder and I know it says the release date is 9/23 but that’s also the release for the album and that seems a little late to me. This will be the first bundle I ever order from her so I’m not familiar with when she releases bundles. I’m wondering if I should wait until it’s officially released to order one to save a little bit of money (from the pre order cost) but I’m afraid if I wait too long they might sell out. Anyone know or have any suggestions? If necessary I’ll just pre order it..

i’m not sure what youre asking? the bundle will come on the same day as the album release, or else that wouldn’t really be fair for people who didn’t get it to not get the album on the same day. i’m assuming they’ll ship before 9/23 in time to be delivered on that day

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so i’m making custom magic the gathering cards for my boyfriend because he’s really into it. rather than edit ones that already exist i decided to just make some completely new ones that were romance/love based. i’ll fill in the images with my own designs later.

i want it to be a surprise so i just wanna know if these are right and if they look okay in terms of the text and mana and stuff. i used this to make them. any help or suggestions is totally welcome!

lemme know?


Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x

example of the faux foundation “disappearing” when i move up a level on the house. the floor tiles that result from the faux foundation can be seen but the foundation itself cannot, despite turning it every way.

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“average person solves 3 mysteries a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person solves 0 mysteries per year. Nancy Drew, who lives in cave & solves over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

reallywonderwoman: i'm asking honestly, why did you repost something lights had already posted on her own tumblr? do the notes really matter to you that much? if you want to share it with your followers, just reblog it.


Lol what??? I got it from her instagram…calm yourself. I haven’t been on my tumblr dashboard at all, I’ve literally been on my phone and checking my asks…maybe before assuming things and making someone out to be the bad guy (because lord knows a lot of you like to blame people for stupid shit) you should, I don’t know, look elsewhere rather than just tumblr? That might be a fantastic idea :P

that’s the thing though, you never check. you post things just to get notes even if other people have already posted them. it’s annoying as hell.

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Joe Biden’s new gun control policy:

“The only guns that should be on lockdown are THESE ones.” *flexes arms, kisses muscles, leaves with your girlfriend. *


testing 124

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no weapon can sever the soul from me

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Live versions included if no studio version exists

(not full) means no full version of the song is available

I Can’t See the Light [Originally by Architects]

Lost! [Originally by Coldplay]

Circle Game [Originally by Joni Mitchell]

Baby Got Back - LIVE (not full) [Originally by Sir Mix-A-Lot]

Don’t Matter - LIVE (not full) [Originally by Akon]

I Want It That Way (not full) [Originally by Backstreet Boys]

I Want It That Way - LIVE (not full) [Originally by Backstreet Boys]

In The Air Tonight - LIVE [Originally by Phil Collins]

Fall Back Down - LIVE [Originally by Rancid]

Close To Me - LIVE [Originally by The Cure]

Video Games/Come As You Are - With Beau Bokan [Originally by Lana del Rey/Nirvana]

Thrift Shop (not full) [Originally by Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis]

Jóga [Originally by Björk]

Heart of Glass - LIVE [Originally by Blondie]

Behind Blue Eyes [Originally by The Who]

Hold On, We’re Going Home [Originally by Drake]

99 Balloons - LIVE [Originally by Nena]

True Colours [Originally by Cyndi Lauper]

You Make My Dreams Come True with Arkells [Originally by Hall & Oates]

We Found Love [Originally by Rihanna]

Living In Another World [Originally by Talk Talk]

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For [Originally by U2]

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